Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Creation of Latin American Alliance for Food Sovereignty

Conclusions of the 3rd Special Conference of the movements for Food Sovereignty

Francisca Rodriguez from the Latin American Coordination of Rural Organizations (CLOC-VC) assesses the results of the Special Conference of the social movements for Food Sovereignty.

The Conference that ended on Sunday was considered a new landmark in the conceptualization of Food Sovereignty as a common platform that gathers peasant movements and groups of artisanal fisherfolk, pastoralists and indigenous people from the entire planet.

In the Latin American and Caribbean region, a growing number of movements are getting closer to this concept, that does not only include food production models (agriculture, cattle farming, fisheries) but it encompasses aspects such as the tenure of natural goods for said production, and it its a truly political concept.

“We are many more”

In this way, Francisca Rodriguez, from Chile, said this conference meant the growing of the processes and highlighted the decision to turn the International Planning Committee (IPC) into a Continental Alliance for Food Sovereignty. The new name, in addition, would imply the broadening of member organizations in each country, decided the Conference.

The Anamuri leader (National Association or Rural and Indigenous Women) of Chile also highlighted the work by the organizations at the FAO Committee on World Food Security in the Civil Society Mechanism.

“The basis of all these victories has been the support, capacity building, mobilization, resistance and pressure”, said Francisca. “A very important alliance was created which will be a significant contribution for all social movements. Because the flag of Food Sovereignty is of the entire people, not just peasants".

But in addition, the movements are preparing for the Peoples Summit that will take place before the Rio+20 Summit: “we want governments to understand that we are not going to participate in the Rio Carnival”, said Francisca. “This is why we also contribute by creating alliances more determined than yesterday’s. Back then, we built them to know what we were against. Today we know what we are against: a system that is trying to greenwash everything while keeping their basis intact. They are trying to greenwash capital and blame us”, said Francisca in the video interview with Real World Radio.

Nace la alianza latinoamericana por SoberanĂ­a Alimentaria from Radio Mundo Real on Vimeo.

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