Saturday, 5 November 2011

The 3Rs A Small Co-op With A Big Food Sovereignty Vision

The 3 Rs cooperative is an amazing model of just what social, food production, economic, agroecological, and political outcomes are possible on a small campesino cooperative. There are 8 families in this cooperative, and they have 87 hectares of land.

In this video, Fray Silvera talks about how the cooperative started with 100% government support and now they are 80% self managed. Their aim is to be fully self funded and then to help others. They wish to be an example for others to follow by raising consciousness that as campesinos, they can do it themselves. This story, as told by Fray, is inspirational.

Special thanks to our talented translator Federico Fuentes
Special thanks also to Venezuela campesina, fantastic song writer & singer Olga Carvajal

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