Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Venezuelan Campesinos Share their Struggle for Food Sovereignty

Check out this great new video of Venezuelan Campesinos sharing their Food Sovereignty realities and aspirations.

PROLESA is a small dairy cooperative in the Venezuelan state of Tachira. It is located in a river delta about 50 kms from San Cristobal. The community is made up of about 250 farming families and 25 of those families are involved in the PROLESA Dairy Cooperative. While some crops are grown, the main focus of the cooperative is to purchase milk from the local community for the production and distribution of cheese and yogurt. In this short video, cooperative members share the amazing stories of their struggles to achieve food sovereignty, their insights for success and their visions for the future.
Special thanks to our talented translator Federico Fuentes
Special thanks also to Venezuela campesina, fantastic song writer & singer Olga Carvajal

Read More about PROLESA one of
Reciprocity's Core Partnership Projects in Venezuela

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