Friday, 5 August 2011

Mokatil - a new peasant organisation in Timor Leste

Arsenio Pereira da Silva, Timor Leste youth representative with La Via Campesina, has shared with us the following Declaration by Mokatil, a new peasant organisation in Timor Leste.  The translation from the East Timor language to English is not perfect - but the sentiment is clear.

 Today, 28 July 2011, serves as an historical day for Timor Leste’s national peasants who are actively involved in farmers groups, fisherfolk, labourers working in rice fields and gardens, associations, creative arts, cooperatives, Permaculture, women and men’s farmer unions in the districts, rural youth from 13 districts, sub districts, villages and subvillages. We declare the establishment of our Timor Leste’s peasant movement “MOKATIL” from today and into the future.

MOKATIL takes a stand against the social, agricultural, economic and ecological injustices faced by peasants and an opinionated policy system that causes threats to peasants rights such as some of the peasants do not own land and water. Local seeds are threatened and thus declining, chemical residue has become a threat to soil destruction, local knowledge is declining, damaging the environment, and there is no fair trade in place to stand for peasant demand.  There is a strong dependency on imports and no law for peasants.  These things are caused by the creation of political systems and decisions here in this country as well as in other countries, and some international institutional political intervention such as IMF, World Bank, ADB, WTO with their allies.  It also caused from our government policy to adopt a green revolution system and policy that creates dependency on imports of unsustainable agricultural materials.

MOKATIL stands to fight in order to give all Timor Leste’s peasants dignity, social justice and economic stability for a prosperous and sustainable life for Timorese People, with it’s principle to defend a fair and sustainable local knowledge, social, economic and ecology with democratic, solidarity, collectivity, and humanitarian values.

MOKATIL has also established linkages and allies with other movement organisations in house and in other countries such as Regional and International La Via Campesina, Front Estudante Timor-Leste, FORAM ( Front Trabalhadores Maubere), FJTL (Front Juventude Timor-Leste) and others which have shared principles and values to give political pressure to Timor Leste’s Government and State in order to establish Agroecological systems and fair trade for Timor Leste’s peasants.

Declared by:   Representatives from 122 different groups in Timor – Leste.
Viva MOKATIL!!!!
Viva Camponezes Timor-Leste
 Dili, Timor – Leste, Farol 28th July 2011

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