Tuesday, 9 August 2011

First European Forum for Food Sovereignty - Austria, 16-21 August 2011

Farmers’ movements,  women’s and young people groups,  associations who are working for food sovereignty in Europe and in the world,  students, activists, ecologists, agricultural workers and landless youth, will gather to organize  an important  Forum on Food Sovereignty.
More than 600 participants are expected from all the European countries, inside and outside the EU.

The Nyeleni Forum in Austria is meant to act as a catalyst and pave the way for creating alternatives to the current unsustainable ways of agricultural production and consumption. The Forum will strengthen the movement for Food Sovereignty in Europe and contribute to bring closer to real democracy consumer rights and preservation of the environment for future generations

A new food and agricultural policy for Europe should be based on re-localizing agricultural production, supporting small producers and facilitating access to land for new farmers and collectives, while challenging the dominance of industry and private interests in the production, transformation and distribution of food for European citizens.

Europe has become integrated into an unsustainable global food system controlled by corporate interests and based on environmental degradation, the exploitation of resources of other peoples and social and economic inequality – facilitated through the impunity of transnational corporations and financial markets. The consequences of this model are visible everywhere in our food and agricultural systems and policies. It is time to change the framework of European agriculture.

Besides creating spaces for discussion and sharing experiences around core issues of food and agriculture, several transversal axes across themes will be organized, such as a women's day or specific spaces for youth participation. 


The Forum aims at strengthening, broadening and building a movement for Food Sovereignty in Europe by:

·       Reinforcing our common understanding of what Food Sovereignty means in Europe
·       Identifying common challenges and obstacles to Food Sovereignty in Europe
·       Constructing common strategies and a joint agenda for action to make Food Sovereignty a reality in Europe
·       Strengthening local actors/grass root initiatives for food sovereignty
·       Celebrating the struggle for food sovereignty already underway in Europe
·       Inspiring and motivating people and organizations to work together
·       Facilitating networking of food sovereignty initiatives across different sectors and countries

For more information:  Nyeleni European Food Sovereignty Forum

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